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Home is where the heart is

Earth Angels Support Services

When you choose Earth Angels Support Services, you’re choosing to live your life to the fullest! Our company was designed to be a focal point for the well being of our community. A wide variety of customizable services awaits, each developed and delivered by our skilled staff members to help make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. We make home care easy and personal.

* Personal care 

* vacation supports 

* 24 hour respite care 

* Medication assistance 

* Meal preparation 

* Social outing companion

* Grocery shopping/ errands

* Supports for special events 

* Individualized exercise programs 


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healthy, hardy and made with love

Pasta Primavera

Meal Preparation

We travel to you

In Good Hands

home, cottage, vacation property

Nourish Your Soul

Nurse And Patient

compassionate palliative care

what help do you require for your loved ones? contact us today!

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